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While Hurst is a sexy giant of a man, his character Opie was just a tragic mess.

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I saw the actress playing Winsome in a low budget movie not long ago, and I was excited to see her on SOA.

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And I am pretty sure that was the same bar she hooked up with Joel McHale at a few days later.

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My ex always complained about how unattractive Tara was.

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Manly man gif Polly's death, Stahl came out of hiding and framed Gemma for the murder of Edmond as well as Polly whom Gemma actually did murder, albeit in self-defense but let her escape out the back door, allowing Gemma to later get a ride out-of-town with Wayne Unser to go into hiding.

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She was first recognised outs.

Jones is featured in a May spread for Vanity Fair magazine.

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Jones at the WonderCon.