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I still do the horizontal mambo with Lydia even tho she will not let me marry her.

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Happened three time until he somehow managed to avoid the trap.

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Shadonic d ago would of just liked it better if co - op was implemented in a sense were your friend would take the place of your companion with items from there own game that they had on at the last time they played.

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And yeah, Skyrim is a bit overrrated.

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Give me that, and better more fleshed out examples of other past videogame memes.

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Ser d ago What a fantastic comment

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It's all fun in games until someone takes a arrow to the knee

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Her cheekbones could cut diamonds.

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Then when i hear "I will protect you with my life" time to part ways cuz shes about to die in the next room.

She would save a lot of money for the agency.

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