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I know that most of the men reading this understand that this is not the best way to start chatting up a woman.

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So, I love parts of this article, but I have to push back a bit here against what you are interpreting Meghan Trainor as saying.

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Search RF with an image instead of text.

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When I was a teenage girl, I spent half my life wanting to dissolve, like….

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Hilarious gallery captures the virtual assistant's VERY cheeky comebacks Saudi execution victims 'told judges their confessions were false and had been obtained under torture - but

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Leader says he will use the EU elections as a 'springboard' to take on Tories and Labour 'Punch-ups, theft and diva-like behaviour':

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Accessories are fair game, but try to be genuine and specific.

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The other only pussy image I was told that I needed to fill out in order to gain a greater sexual more womanly energy and be seen as more of a woman and henceforth, more beautiful and attractive to real men who wanted a real women.

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Labour MP Stella Creasy said:

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Has she spoken to you?

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Also, watching that J-Lo and Iggy video made me feel really uncomfortable.

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And, er, protein shakes.

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