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Well, all except Zeus.

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I made the best of it, constantly sucking and swirling my tongue around.

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Just little strings of pink connected together, but it seemed he may very well have preferred having this over gold.

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Hiding behind rocks was one demigod who started to take pictures of Annabeth in her bikinis.

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But here!

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My eyes widened, it was enormous!

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I let out a small whimper, then felt him slam his cock into me.

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Annabeth let up and took a deep gasp for air.

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I swam towards her and I asked her what happened.

The moans behind them were more prominent than the moans from the girls as the cocks entered.

He looked exasperated.

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After a few minutes of picking up the pace, he was right where he left off, slamming into me as hard as he could.

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After only a few minutes of this, I came again, letting out a huge moan in the process.

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