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At the height of her fame, this fiery femme left Hollywood to marry millionaire playboy Prince Aly Khan.

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But Marilyn was no fool in real life—she broke the heart of New York Yankees great Joe DiMaggio and allegedly had steamy affairs before meeting her tragic demise.

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She mostly appeared in b-movies before she became one of the most popular pin-ups for soldiers during World War II, after a photograph of her in Life magazine, wearing and ivory silk satin and black lace nightgown, became the unofficial pin-up photo for American servicemen fotos mexicanas xxx overseas.

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But behind the scenes she had a tumultuous relationship with Columbia Pictures, married a man more than twice her age at nude katarina witt 18 years old and went on to divorce him and four othersand struggled with alcoholism.

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He went to L.

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On screen, Hayworth appeared as the dancing partner of both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly and was well know for her luxurious dark red hair.

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Astaire later called Hayworth his favorite dance partner.

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Decades before the Latin Explosion brought Hispanic hotties like J-Lo and her bootay grande into fashion, Margarita Carmen Cansino was struggling to find her place in Hollywood.

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At age sixteen, she was dancing onstage in Agua Caliente, Mexico, which led to her muslim xxx pics spotted by a production chief at Fox, who got her to make her way with her family to Hollywood, California.

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Rita Hayworth will go down in history alongside stars like Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford as one of the world's classic beauties.

As we all know, nipples are nothing to be ashamed of and everyone has them, so all the high fives to these throwback ebony pooping tube Marilyn Monroe to Rita Hayworth.

Rita Hayworth became a worldwide icon in the s and appeared on the cover of Life magazine five times.

She died on May 14,age

Once she hit Hollywood, Rita landed the lead in The Strawberry Blonde and dyed her raven locks red, and thus in Rita Hayworth an American movie queen was born.

A year later, she met her first husband, Ed Judson, a balding car salesman from Texas who was twenty-two years her senior.