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If you've ever had particularly bad gas before, you know that it can sometimes feel like you're sitting on a pile of balloon animals that are going to.

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One of the images shows Tabria showing off her curves in a maroon thong and bra, the same set worn by Victoria Secret favourite Candice Swanepoel.

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In xxx pakistan image series of essays, Ashley tells readers about her life before modeling, how she broke into the industry and how she deals with the plethora of haters she faces online.

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They're part of the standard equipment a plus-size model carries.

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Six women have posed naked covered in glitter to spread a body positive message in the Queensland outback.

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I think affirmations are so important, especially for women who have been raised in a society of perfection and feel like there's a certain look they have to obtain.

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You've talked a lot about having body-positive affirmations.

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For those who have never been pregnant before, just thinking about childbirth can be incredibly intimidating.

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But after you give birth, prepare for what some.

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And the back is spandex-y, which is great because I like my butt to jiggle I'm really into that!

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Even though Lyz gets plenty of attention from men, she claims that she has released the racy snaps to inspire other women.

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Another shot shows her in a sexy, sheer leotard with floral detailing, with skimpy bands across the side.

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When it comes to the word 'plus-size', I've been called a plus-size model for the past sixteen years.