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Kirby, always the innovator, knew it was possible to make women beautiful and powerful, but few artists followed his lead.

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The character is a warrior princess of the Amazons and is known in her homeland as Princess Diana of Themyscira.

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Savage Sword actress amy adams nude Conan mag I don't remember any specific examples, but I seem to recall that my young teenager brain was quite happy with the frequency with which breasts were displayed.

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What is your favorite, or least favorite, revealing outfit in comics?

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This isn't the typical "post-coital with bed sheets covering their private parts" panels in comics from that era.

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Instead of being built like bodybuilders or athletes, they tend to resemble girlie mag models or Baywatch babes.

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The Witchblade forms armor around the host, but the definition of armor is very loose.

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Fortunately for him and less fortunately for those who encounter himWolverine has evolved beyond things like humility.

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Of course, things get particularly scandalous when he chooses to go shirtless when he's superhero-ing with his fellow X-Men.

Elektra, like Canary, is another accomplished warrior who wears barely anything into battle.

While the look is iconic, it's hardly practical in her sword and sorcery universe and for somebody who is constantly immersed in close-quarter combat.

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Sadly, this was the only faithful part of the character's adaptation from page to screen.

The sexiest comic book hotties of all time, ranked by comic fans worldwide.