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And the Scott DesJarlaises of the world tend to be hypocritical conservatives, who say they want to outlaw abortions for votes and campaign contributions while taking advantage of a legal medical mature and naughty to clean up their own irresponsible ejaculations.

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Add to that the ideas placed on women that they need a partner, need a man to support and protect them, etc.

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Even though you seem to be more than fine with physical punishments for women?

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If only all men were as considerate.

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I would say my favorite peice of advice would be to just be patient with your children.

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I hope it was received objectively by fellow members of your faith and without repercussions by your church.

One out of every five women in the U.

Society has mistakenly collapsed the woman bearing the costs with it being her fault the pregnancy occurred.

Coming out of the woodwork to say how much I respect and admire you, Gabby.

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