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Young females are creating a sense of identity, even a sense of community, through recognition of each other as sexualized people.

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When our race is run and we are asked for our regrets, we are possibly the first men in history who might well reply, "Yes, I wish I'd had less sex.

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Women in previous generations took diet pills during pregnancy to avoid excessive weight gain, wore breathing-constricting girdles to give the illusion of a wasp waist, vacuumed their homes in dresses and high heels, did aerobic exercise hot sexy naked male look sleek like Jane Fonda, and slept with painful hard curlers in their hair—all in the name of feminine beauty.

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His main premise is that young people will tune out educators if their real concerns are left in the shadows.

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Meanwhile, a boy who professes to have had many sexual encounters is called a player.

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When I call another woman a slut in a casual way, I am entering into a tacit agreement with her.

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Bargains feverishly struck in the back of black cabs, mouth on mouth, hands in pants, the driver slyly watching in his rear-view mirror - these random shards of memory come back, but none of the details.

A friend texted one day, "Don't go on Facebook.

It is closely connected to the false idea that a child can give consent.

I really wanted to have sex, and now I really feel s about it.

It also helped me become dismissive of the people that hurt my feelings.

The only reason my friends and I even got invited to parties was because guys wanted to hook up with us — and the older girls hated that.

The theory is based on the false assumption that, at every stage of his life, a man is looking for The One.