Dark magician and dark magician girl fanfiction.

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She is in such shock at what just happened that all she can do is laugh.

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As they circled around, Mana caught a glimpse of Mahaad's perfectly wrapped gift beneath the tree.

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Please Read!

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He read the note first before playing with his toys.

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I mean, when I speak to you

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The Dark Magician was summoned by the pharaoh for this duel.

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Mana looks up at him with slight shock.

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Her emerald eyes were clear.

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Mahaad had been sitting in the living room reading a book, and listening to more Christmas music, when Mana came downstairs.

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Story Author.

I think you are an interesting magician and our master has had you longer than he has me, so you've always had interesting stories to tell!

After Yami was done he grabbed the bag.

He looks at it from every angle possible, especially the back, and smiles at how good it looked.

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I'm aware that not all the cards have spirits, but this is a fan-fic.

The natural sounds made her drowsy and soon she fell asleep again.

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