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Level 5:

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Centuries of literature and million-dollar films have thrived off of what the Dreamboat stare signifies.

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Like the other lower levels of eye contact, the glance-and-a-half is subtle and difficult to notice without a lot of practice.

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Differentiating between Level 2 eye contact and Level 1 eye contact is subtle and hard to do consistently with any sort of accuracy.

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If a woman starts eye fucking someone, it is usually a good sign that she is strongly attracted to him, her buying temperature is high, and naked black movies she wants to have sex.

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Meghan McCain's nasty wedding guest Denise is now a beautiful meme.

Assuming the feeling is mutual, the Dreamboat is amazing.

This is someone who makes eye contact, holds it, smiles, and then never stops.

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What about the "I'm alpha I'm not needy I can choose among any girl I see" attitude??

Level 1:

The Crazies signify delusion, hopeless emotion, and the complete loss of a grip on reality.

The Crazies The 10th and final level of eye contact cannot be explained as much as experienced.